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Why Buy A Dog Bed?


Although some people consider a dog bed to be a luxury for their canine, in truth it is much more than that. A dog needs a bed just as a person needs a bed: for comfort and support, warmth and security and to ensure the sleep needed for their wellbeing. Dog beds can also be used to train the dog to stay off furniture, to provide the dog a defined space in any area and to protect him from hard or cold flooring. Aging brings its own issues as dogs begin to have joint or bone problems: these concerns can render pain and lead to misalignment. Special needs may arise in breeds that are inclined to back troubles or to hip dysplasia. Working dogs will be ensured a solid night's sleep on the right bed. Rescue dogs, often traumatized, benefit greatly from receiving a private nest of comfort and safety.

Dog Beds Offer:

  • comfort and warmth
  • support for the dog's spine and joints when he lays down
  • a sense of security, a safe space that is his space and his alone
  • a key ingredient to a good night's sleep
  • a sense of safety and familiarity when traveling
  • help for orthopaedic needs
  • help for the aging body
  • a limit to how many household areas a pet owner needs to clean dog hair off
  • a training method to keep dogs off furniture

There are as many bed options for dogs as there are for humans - even more! So, let us help you with where to begin...

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